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Tribar Services, Inc

Work 148 Concord Avenue Leonardo NJ 07737 Work Phone: 732-291-3464 Website:

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Tribar Services, Inc. is based in Leonardo, New Jersey but operates throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York including all five boroughs, Westchester and Long Island. We are a family owned and operated business specializing in all aspects of demolition, house raising, house lifting, rigging and site construction. Tribar Services, Inc. has completed many projects requiring a wide range of skill and knowledge and is staffed with experienced and highly qualified workers.

Remember when up working with a company like Tribar Services, Inc., you are hiring your neighbor, friend or family member. We have been located in Monmouth County for 20 years and we keep everything local. No calling out of state when you need to get your questions answered. We spend our time working in your neighborhood cultivating relationships and are familiar faces to the people at the building department, resource centers, etc

Categories: Construction, House Lifting, Masonry

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