Category A) $2,000 for a student at least 25 years old as of September 1st who is returning to school, changing careers or pursuing education for career advancement.

Category B) $2,000 for a college student entering his/her junior or senior year, and/or has completed 60 credits, who is in need of help to complete his/her degree because of increased expenses or decreased finances.

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The Grant program is intended to assist with the tuition and/or fees associated with post-high school vocational, technical, or certification programs. Grants are available to full and part-time students. The amount of the grant is no more than 50% of the cost of the program up to a maximum grant of $1,500. Grant applications are accepted throughout the year.

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The Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce (EMACC) Educational Foundation intends to grant scholarships/grants to eligible persons who meet the established criteria. Eligibility and criteria are defined within the specific applications. Determination of eligibility and selection of recipients will be made by the Board of Directors of the EMACC Foundation (“Foundation Board”), in its sole discretion.

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*Do not proceed unless you meet all of the qualifications contained in the application.

An applicant must provide a recommendation by a member in good standing of EMACC who is not a relative. The EMACC office can verify the name of a representative. A list of EMACC members may be found at

NOTE: Any employee of the member organization/business may write the recommendation.

A second recommendation by an individual who is not related to the applicant is also required.

Congratulations to the 2016 EMACC Educational Foundation Scholarship and Grant winners!

Mary Fatima Menges
The Florence Forgotson award

Lisa Corsi
Devon Group scholarship

Lisa Aguilina
Devon Group scholarship

Lorraine Ruchalski
Robert Melita Scholarship

Brianna Merriman

Noralba Raineri

Robin Guy

Grant Award Winner

Alison Wollman 

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