Business Networking Breakfast 5-9-2018

Business Networking Breakfast 5-9-2018

Chris Ruisi
Step Up and Play Big – YOU Can Own Your Success

Many complain about what they don’t have or how things just don’t go their way. They sit around complaining and “waiting” for something or someone to come along and make it better for them. There is always someone or something to blame. The result is they become frustrated and stalled. They become overly pessimistic and that hampers their ability and willingness to act.

Yet, there are others who always seem to have their act together. They make good things happen for them and others. No matter what the challenge, they always seem to land on their feet. Some think they are just lucky. The fact is they have, in most cases, created their own luck.

So which group to you belong to? Do you have those “I don’t want to get out of bed days”? Looking for the right actions to put you on a sustainable and consistent path to success? Want to know what makes one group more successful than the other?

To learn the answers to these and many more questions and to learn how to “Own” your success, make the “decision” to join us at our May 9th Business Networking Breakfast. Our speaker, Chris Ruisi, will walk you through how to build your own success plan. During his engaging presentation he will address:

What it Means to Step Up and Play Big
Success Starts with Your Decision to Be a Success
Average Really Isn’t so Bad; If That’s What You Really Want
Learning How To Play Your Game
Building and Maintaining a Step Up and Play Big Focus and Mindset
Being the Master of Your Destiny and Circumstances and not a Victim
How to Expect to Win
And much more!
Chris guarantees that you will leave this meeting knowing practical and pragmatic tools you can start using that day to help you Step Up and Play Big so you can – if you choose to – shape and control your destiny. Chris will tell you several times that day, that the knowledge he will share with us will work, but only if you decide to work the material.

SOLD OUT!    BAH Networking & Basketball

SOLD OUT! BAH Networking & Basketball

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